Reviews Veniselle

  • Jacob
    All the women in our family suffer from varicose veins and constantly complain of pain and cramps in their legs. I accidentally found out about Veniselle cream and bought a few for my grandmother (she was already getting ulcers), my mother and aunt. The cream greatly relieved their condition and now they themselves are continuing treatment with this drug.
  • Alfie
    Varicose veins started with tortuous veins on my calves, which hurt very much, then brown spots began to appear on the skin. Already in their place, bleeding cracks began to appear. I had to wear bandages all the time. Cream Veniselle helped to cope with the problem in 1. 5 months.
  • Emily
    Spider veins and wreaths began to appear on the legs, which caused discomfort. My husband brought me Veniselle cream from a business trip. Since then, I forgot what sick veins and complexes are because of ugly legs, and began a new, active life. We regularly roller-skate, bike, and just take long walks in the park.
  • Sophie
    At first I had spider veins that did not bother me at all, but then they turned into brown and very noticeable spots. During pregnancy, sores appeared in their place. I could not stand for a long time and walked a little with the children. It made me feel like a bad mother. Cream Veniselle has become my salvation.
  • Olivia
    I work as a hairdresser and my legs are covered with a network of veins. At first, baths, compresses and massages saved me. Then there were two sessions of laser treatment, and this gave some effect. But then everything came back. The doctor advised me to try the Veniselle cream, I used it for 30 days in the morning and evening and forgot about the pain in my legs.
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