Experience of use Veniselle

Emilian's experience and review of Veniselle cream from Gimbawa

Varicose veins progress rapidly

Most men are sure that varicose veins are a purely female problem. So I was 100% convinced of this, since in our family absolutely all maternal women suffered from varicose veins, to one degree or another. Grandmother especially got it, with her diabetes and trophic ulcers. It should be noted that I have always led a healthy lifestyle, I love outdoor activities, with my wife and children we often went hiking. But in recent years, my career has taken off, which has led to a sedentary lifestyle, which has taken a toll on my health. I confess that I overlooked the first symptoms of my own varicose veins, attributing everything to a long sitting in front of the computer. Pain and heaviness in the calves became constant companions, restless legs syndrome appeared. The disease progressed rapidly, at night I suffered from cramps, my wife had to massage me, but sometimes the muscles became so hard and sore that I literally climbed the wall. And last summer we discovered a network of crimson thin vessels and stars, knotty veins began to protrude on the calves. Needless to say, the pain syndrome was already felt along the line of blood vessels, I felt them, it was very unpleasant.

How I found out about Veniselle

Veniselle helped get rid of varicose veins

After that, it became impossible to ignore varicose veins, and I surrendered to the doctors. How they didn’t examine me, how much money was spent on tests, it’s even scary to remember. Ultrasound, X-ray of the veins (phlebography), three-dimensional computed tomography and blood pressure measurements, and for a snack there was a phleboscintigraphy with the introduction of radioisotopes. However, the cost of the prescribed treatment was even more surprising. However, nowhere to go, had to fork out. But some of the drugs simply did not work, I developed an allergy to two ointments, and after the next massage session, bruises began. I was offered to remove the tortuous sections of the veins surgically, but it turned out that I had contraindications. I was completely depressed, but a chance meeting with a friend became fateful. We talked and, having learned about my problem, he advised me the Veniselle cream, with which his mother cured varicose veins after a month of use. She, by the way, then told how to use the cream.

Results of using Veniselle

To be honest, I did not really believe that a herbal preparation would be more effective than synthetic and more "heavy" drugs. But by this time my legs were already very sore, I almost stopped sleeping, I became very irritable. So I decided to give it a try, I have nothing to lose. I did everything according to the instructions, used Veniselle for 30 days, without a break, applied in the morning, before work, and in the evening, before bed. After the first application, I experienced great relief because the pain was gone. After a week, I forgot about cramps and swelling (especially in the ankle area). At the end of the course, it became noticeable that the protruding veins gradually retracted and turned pale. It's been a month now and my legs are fine. By the way, I also bought a cream for my mother and aunt, they are also being treated now.